📍Decentralized Advertising Roadmap (III)

The future of Web3 journalism. Decentralized by layered P2P networks and powered by open-source AI.

The value of the platform scales with the size of the audience. To unlock this value as ByteAI grows, the ecosystem will provide advertisements. This is a greatly scalable value creation method given the total media advertising market size estimated at $600-800b.

Understanding the agency problem of sponsorship influence in the provision of advertisement services, the loop is closed by the presence of token holder voting, enabling decentralized decision making on what advertisements to accept and the price to extract.

This will include community submitted advertisements which the community can choose to implement.

In implementing this novel approach to combat the advertising agency problem, we will following the below steps.

  1. Governance Design

  2. Smart Contract Design and Deployment

  3. Develop Voter Interface

  4. Testing and Auditing

We want the community built around ByteAI to join us on this path to decentralization, and truly believe the markets will reward us for a well made product... that tells a good story.

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