The future of Web3 journalism. Decentralized by layered P2P networks and powered by open-source AI.

Token Supply: There is a fixed maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 BYTE. This provides sufficient initial circulation for distribution while maintaining scarcity dynamics long-term through incentive pools and sinks.

Token Allocation: 10% of the total supply is allocated to the founding team and advisors with a 24 month vesting schedule to incentivize long term commitment. The remainder is distributed through initial exchange offerings, community mining programs, developer grants, and user growth initiatives.

Tokenomics: A 5% tax is levied on all BYTE transactions which funds ongoing development of Core Systems, Distribution Channels, and collective system enrichment.

As revenue materializes through commercial integration, residual income post running costs will fund token buyback and burn initiatives (re: Decentralized Advertising). Reiterating on the discussion in roadmap III, this is a very scalable value creation given the size of the global total addressable market.

*Previously, we had TAO subnet mining as one of our intended revenue streams. We will continue to develop it in the background as a means of funding the operational costs of ByteAI, with surplus utilised in the same way as Ad Revenue. The new roadmaps are visions of a much greater future which we are very much empowered to achieve.

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