The future of Web3 journalism. Decentralized by layered P2P networks and powered by open-source AI.

Making unbiased insights accessible to everyday citizens, not just those who can afford expensive analytics tools or Wall Street level Bloomberg terminals. Levelling the information playing field, mitigating editorial bias and fake news by leveraging decentralized networks, objective statistical methods, and crowd-sourced vetting to distil the signal from the noise - to produce summaries and insights users can trust as neutral. Ingesting, filtering, and connecting information across a wide array of global news sources, statements, regulatory filings, journal archives, and multimedia feeds to solve information asymmetry. No single source has the whole picture - ByteAI aims to fuse all the fragments through AI and web3 infrastructure to empower more informed decisions. Offering free channels utilizing sponsorships to provide freedom of unbiased and objective information. Access should not be gated only for the wealthy.

In summary, making impartial and holistic intelligence that helps navigating complexity more achievable - that is the essence of the societal problem ByteAI intends to tackle.

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